Care and cleaning of wine glasses

14.05.2019 16:54

You own high-quality lead crystal glasses, but do not know how to clean and care for them?

In today's article we are dedicated to the proper care and storage of wine glasses, from which in particular crystal glasses benefit in the long term.

The neutral washing up without addition of harmful substances

First of all, it is very important that you do not use caustic substances when cleaning lead crystal. These can settle on the one hand in the pores and tarnish the glass in the long run and on the other attack the sensitive material and make it unusable in the worst case.

For this reason, the following substances should be avoided when rinsing:

  • Alcoholic detergents
  • Citrus-containing soaps
  • Calcareous water

Tip: Ideally, clean your lead crystal glasses by hand in lukewarm water and use a few drops of white vinegar instead of detergent.

Washing dishes by hand vs. Dishwasher cleaning

Although some glasses are declared dishwasher safe and advertised, rinses are not suitable for sensitive glasses. If you want to clean your lead crystal as gently as possible, it is important to soften the remains in lukewarm water. Then you should refrain from brushes, sponges and similar helpers, as these scraps of food could push into the small pores or even destroy them. Instead, a microfiber cloth should be your first choice!

If you want to clean your lead crystal glasses in the dishwasher, please make sure to set a gentle rinse. The water temperature should not exceed 40 ° Celsius. In addition, wine glasses should not be cleaned together with other dishes or cutlery, as the remaining remains may have a negative effect on the taste.

Proper drying of lead crystal glasses and wine glasses

The drying of wine and lead crystal glasses is a discipline in itself, which requires a lot of patience. Air drying should be avoided, as this can cause water spots and calcium deposits.

The following towels are suitable for hand drying:

  • Lint-free cotton towels
  • Soft paper towels

Always be sure to dry all the glass inside and out, and to rub less than dab. This will give you the best results and will not have to polish your crystal glass.

Storage and long-term care of lead crystal glass

Crystal glasses should by no means be kept in the kitchen! Cooking fumes and oils can penetrate the fine pores and block them. This will permanently affect the taste and quality of your spirits and ruin the result.

A special, lockable bar cabinet, in which the glasses can be stored upside down, is perfect for a proper storage. If this cupboard is still in a neutral room, where neither cooking nor smoking is, you have found the ideal storage place for your crystal glasses!

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