Detecting lead crystal - what distinguishes real lead crystal

14.05.2019 16:54

Bleikristall, Critalica, echtes kristall

Lead crystal has been one of the most popular types of glasses for producing glasses for centuries and is becoming increasingly popular with wine connoisseurs

But how do you recognize real lead crystal and is it even possible to unmask inferior material or even counterfeits?

Long-lasting tones at the lead crystal

Genuine lead crystal is legally made of at least 24% lead oxide. There are several variants in the manufacture of lead crystal, most of which are performed by machine today.

In contrast to conventional glasses, lead crystal has an enormous density, which leads to longer vibrations and a changed sound. Lead crystal glasses sound comparatively very long-lasting and have a characteristically clear tone.

Weight and durability of lead crystal

The weight of lead crystal lenses also differs significantly from other models. Lead crystal is much heavier than conventional glass due to its material composition. Thus, it is not only ideal in the hand, but also offers true connoisseurs an exclusive drinking pleasure.

Despite the mostly filigree appearance lead crystal has an increased durability. For this reason, there are still many artisanal works of lead crystal that have been used and inherited for generations.

Multifaceted refraction of light in lead crystal

Another big advantage of lead crystal is its extraordinary appearance. Even an untrained eye will notice at first glance the difference between a conventional wine glass and a lead crystal wine glass. The second one not only has finer workmanship and thinner walls, but shines through the clear refraction and reflection.

This special look makes lead crystal an ideal material for:

  • Glasses of all kinds
  • Exquisite chandelier
  • Candlesticks and carafes

In special processes, lead crystal is ground by means of fire or an acid solution. In the same step, the glass also gets its famous pores, which are responsible for the unique aroma unfolding.

Conclusion: lead crystal made easy

Due to its enormous conspicuousness lead crystal can also be easily recognized by a layman. Pay special attention to the sound, the light reflection and the weight of the material.

In order to perform a one hundred percent material determination, a sample must be examined by laboratory testing. The required lead oxide minimum content of 24% can be determined.

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