Lead crystal vases - which types of flowers are suitable for which shape

18.07.2019 12:07

Lead crystal is not only ideal for the production of glasses, carafes and magnificent chandeliers - even flower vases benefit from the unique look and are an eye-catcher for any furnishing variant!

Which lead crystal vases match which flower bouquets you will find below!

Cylinder vases - a classic for big and small bouquets

Vases in cylinder shape are considered as simple classics and give any room an elegant touch. Lead crystal vases in this form are offered in different variants:

  • Simple vases without additional decoration
  • Lead crystal vases with carved or etched patterns
  • Colored, handcrafted vases

Depending on your preference and interior design, different models are suitable. However, cylinder vases are suitable for any type of flower. Only on the right size should be taken into account in the selection. Wide vases are particularly suitable for lush bouquets with more than 9 flowers, while the narrow version is suitable for up to 5 flowers!

Tip: Lead crystal vases in cylindrical form are a real eye-catcher especially as a colored variant!

Bottle vases - for individual flowers

For single flowers or small bouquets with a maximum of 3 items, it is advisable to resort to a bottle vase. Thanks to the slim shape, this model also provides enough support for individual flowers and subtly emphasizes their beauty.

Tip: In order to visually spice up simple bottle vases, you can use a colored ribbon to tie a loop around the neck of the bottle. So you give the vase a personal touch and you can even change the color and color of your choice!

Ball vases and eccentric vase shapes - perfect decoration element

Flower vase or single decoration? The ball vase, like other vases in eccentric, unusual shapes, can be used not only as a flower vase, but also as a single decorative element.

In this case, just ball or bowl vases are suitable for flowers with large flower sets or sweeping petals.

Conclusion: lead crystal vases as an elegant alternative

You want to attract attention and rely on a classic, yet sumptuous and exclusive design? Then you should buy a lead crystal vase!

This is not only for connoisseurs a highlight, but generally testifies to a good taste. There are lead crystal vases in various shapes and can be used not only as flower vases, but also as an independent decoration elements.

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